What is STaRT-2014?


STaRT-2014 (Scholarship & Talent Reward Test) is a National level talent test conducted by Resonance for students of class 5th to 12th. STaRT-2014 will be conducted in two stages. Students qualifying stage-I test shall compete in Stage-II test and based on the result of stage-II test the top 200 students from each class shall win excellent awards as well as opportunity of scholarship in Resonance programs.


If I win a prize then will it be compulsory for me to take admission in Resonance for getting the prize?


No. It is not compulsory to take admission in Resonance to win and get the prizes.


What are the main benefits of STaRT-2014 for Students?


Academic & Career Benefits-

  • An exposure to competitive world
  • An Experience of a scientifically designed test as a stepping stone towards advanced competitive examinations
  • A genuine assessment of subject knowledge & aptitude at National Level
  • A Multi-level bench-marking from school/city level to state/national level

Monetary Benefits-

  • A chance to win Rewards from a pool of worth Rs. 80 Lakhs & recognition by demonstrating performance at national level
  • A chance for Scholarship from a pool of worth Rs. 5 Crores+ to support competitive coaching & future academics/studies.

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Who can apply for STaRT-2014?


The START is open for students of V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI (Mathematics/Biology), XII (Mathematics/Biology),Class-XI+XII (Open Stream: For all remaining streams except Science Stream i.e. Arts, Commerce, Agriculture, Fine Arts, Home Science, Vocational etc.)


How can I register for STaRT-2014?


You can register at -

  • Your school if your school has given consent to conduct STaRT-2014 in its premises
  • Resonance Study Centres
  • Online at www.resostart.in


What is STaRT-2014 registration fee for a student?


Rs. 200/-


How will I appear in Stage-I Test?


You can appear at -

  • Your school, if your school has consented to conduct STaRT-2014 in its premises
  • Resonance Test Centre as per the list given under centers field of test information tab at Menu bar
  • Apply Online & appear for online exam  from any location

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What are test dates for Stage-I Test?


  • At schools – Any date out of 21st September, 4th October, 19th October 2013 depending upon the choice by schools
  • At Resonance Test Centres – 27 October 2013 (9:30 - 11:00 am)
  • Online - on 25th& 26th October 2013 at given time schedule

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What will be the syllabus of tests for students of CBSE and other boards?


Please refer test syllabus feild under Exam information tab in Menu bar

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How will I get my admit card?


It depends upon your place of registration.

  • Registration at School – Confirmation through SMS/Email after Application form submission at STaRT office
  • Registration at Resonance Centre (in-person/post) – Download admit card from www.resostart.in
  • Online Registration– Login id, date and time slot shall be informed by Resonance through mail/SMS

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What is the last date for registration?


13th October 2013

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If I wish to deposit registration fee by DD then it should be made in whose favour?




In favour of ‘Resonance Eduventures Pvt. Ltd.’ payable at Kota, Rajasthan

If I belong to R.B.S.E School then, what would be the syllabus?
Syllabus would be same as mentioned above, you can download free sample papers from our website to take an idea.

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What is the pattern of question papers in Stage-I and II?


Stage-I :
Please refer test structure feild under Exam Information tab on Menu bar.

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How can I apply online?


Go to the website www.resostart.in and click the link ‘Apply online’

  • Follow 'method 1' if you wish to fill form online, deposit fee online and appear in test online by paying Rs 200/-
  • Follow 'method 2' if you wish to fill form online, pay fee by DD and appear in test either at test centre or online and send it to:
    Resonance Eduventures Pvt. Ltd. STaRT-2013 Office: CG Tower, A-46/A-52, Near City Mall, JhalawarRpad, Kota (Rajasthan) - 324005, INDIA Tel. No. : 0744-3012222, 3022222, 3192222 |Fax: 022-39167222, 0744-2427144

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If I appear in Stage-I online then from where can I appear in the test?


Any Location

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What shall be the qualifying criteria for Stage-II?


From each class, selections for stage-II shall be made in the number whichever is higher between top 10% students of the total students appeared in Stage I OR All the students obtaining at least 60% score in stage-I test.

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Can I appear online for stage-II also?


No. Stage-II shall be conducted at Resonance Test centres only.

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How can I confirm either my application form has been received or not?


You will be receiving confirmation mail & SMS. Moreover, you can check your confirmation status online also.

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If more than one participating student will secure equal aggregate marks  in Stage II then who will be getting the higher rank?


In case of more than one participating student secure equal aggregate marks in stage-II then the better Rank shall be given by comparing scores individually in the subjects in decreasing priority order of:
a. Mathematics, Mental Ability, General Science (P,C,B), General Awareness for Class V to X and Open Category
b. Physics, Chemistry, Mental Ability & Mathematics/Biology for Class XI & XII (Science Stream) & Mathematical Science (Mathematics, Mental Ability), General Science (P,C,B), General Awareness (Current Affairs, Economics, Civics, Geography, History) & General English)
If individual scores in all the subjects are also equal then the aggregate score of Stage-I shall be compared, which if also found equal then individual scores in subjects shall be compared in the same priority order as above and if they are also equal then the student youngest in age shall be given higher rank.