Prizes and Awards

STaRT comes this year, bestowed with magnanimous prizes and awards that are enhanced in quality, quantity, value and volume.

Adding another category to the already astounding awards, STaRT will give away two types of awards and prizes to the students this year:

  • STaRT Awards : Based on the performance in STaRT.

STaRT Awards will be given for total 8 Categories (Class 6th to 10th, 11th Mathematics, 11th Biology and 11th Commerce).

STaRT Rank Item Number of Awards Each Worth Total Worth of Awards
AIR 1 NASA-USA Tour 8 2,00,000 16,00,000
AIR 2 CERN-ESA-Europe Tour 8 1,00,000 8,00,000
AIR 3 Singapore Science Center Tour 8 75,000 6,00,000
AIR 4-5 Convertible Laptop 16 40,000 6,40,000
AIR 6-10 Fun Trip – India 40 20,000 8,00,000
AIR 11-25 Smart Watch 120 10,000 12,00,000
AIR 26-100 Kindle Reader 600 5,000 30,00,000
Total Prize 800   ₹ 86,40,000

(STaRT State Topper) Item Total States Considered Awards Category Number of Awards Each Worth Total Cost
Rank 1 Branded Mobile Phone 29 8 232 5000 1160000
(STaRT Resonance Study Centre Topper) Item Total Study Centre Considered Awards Category Number of Awards Each Worth Total Cost
Rank 1 Branded Trolley Bag 29 8 232 3000 696000
(STaRT School Topper) Item Total School Considered Awards Category Number of Awards Each Worth Total Cost
Rank 1 Branded Wrist Watch 50 8 400 500 200000

*Terms & Conditions apply:

  • 1. Prize Titles: For STaRT prizes, titles may be changed within the monetary worth of the prize subject to tax deductions as applicable.
  • 2. In Case any student wins more than one award from above categories, he will be entitled for any one of best award only.
  • 3. Tie Breaker: In case of more than one participating student securing equal aggregate marks in STaRT Exam, then the better Rank shall be given by comparing scores individually in the subjects in decreasing priority order of:
    • Mathematics, General Science (P,C,B) for Class 6 to 10
    • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry for Class 11 Mathematics Stream
    • Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry for Class 11 Biology Stream
    • Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics for Class 11 Commerce Stream

    If individual scores in all the subjects are also equal then student youngest in age shall be given higher (Better) rank

  • 4. All the Prizes shall be awarded to the students only when they attend the Champions’ Champ and Felicitation Function (as applicable) at Kota (Rajasthan).
  • 5. Award/Prize Money shall be handed over in person to any of student's relative/guardian or his/her representative in case He/She provides an authority letter on behalf of student along with identity documents of students.
  • 6. State / Resonance Study Center topper is valid with minimum participation of 100 students in respective category.
  • 7. School Topper is valid with minimum participation of 40 students in respective category.
  • 8. Students using unfair means to enhance the performance shall be disqualified from STaRT & future Editions of the event. The refund of participation fee etc. shall not be applicable in this case.
  • 9. A student can appear in STaRT Exam only once. If the participation is not unique, he or she may be disqualified without refunding the fee.