• What is STaRT ?
  • Times Family Quiz
  • Who can participante in STaRT ?
  • Benefits to the students
  • 10 Commandments
STaRT : Student Talent Reward Test

STaRT ( Student Talent Reward Test) is a knowledge and aptitude test to be conducted by Resonance in order to reach out, spot, reward & nurture talented students from across the country and aid them in fulfilling their career aspirations.

For an aspiring student, STaRT would provide national level benchmarking along with a real world feel of competitive spirit. It helps the student to showcase his/her talent at the national level which will boost his/her confidence to perform well in future competitive examinations & make way for a bright career ahead.

Every year STaRT filters the country’s best talent through rigorous testing and has set examples of transforming the top performers into IITians.

After conducting 7 successful versions of STaRT, STaRT welcomes all the students with a more refined structure and far more prizes than ever.

So STaRT now to explore, prove and reward your talent!

STaRT : Times Family Quiz

Over the years, The Times of India has been at the helm of introducing novel ideas and innovative initiatives in almost all sectors and spheres of society. In the field of Education too, the group has led with unique propositions and campaigns that have had a lasting and positive impact on the beneficiaries of the initiatives.

Taking this successful legacy forward, we are pleased to introduce to you, the STaRT Times Family Quiz. A one of its kind initiative, STaRT Times Family Quiz will be a nation-wide platform for young, sharp minds along with their family members to get together and battle it out in a game of intelligence and general awareness. The quiz will be a platform for school students and their parents to take part in a competitive environment also fostering the family bond among themselves.

The Times of India has partnered with Resonance Eduventures Ltd. for this initiative which will be held across 100 cities and 20 regions of the country.

Resonance Eduventures Ltd. is an established coaching institute that is spread across 50 cities. The institute imparts education to more than 60,000 students in its various Classroom Programmes and to more than 38,000 students in distance learning programmes.

The registration will entitle students to take part in a general awareness quiz. Interested candidates/students can further go on to take part in the qualifier round (STaRT), which is a single stage test supported by Resonance Eduventures Ltd.. Students from classes VI to XII will be eligible for registration and the qualifier round. The winners from both, the qualifier round and the general awareness quiz will be entitled to take part in the STaRT Times Family Quiz. The final felicitation programme will recognise the winning students along with their family members in a grand ceremony that will be held across five cities. The winners will stand a chance to win cash prizes and earn a grand exclusive five day trip to NASA.

The STaRT Times Family Quiz promises to stimulate young minds in a unique format that will be designed and conceptualised by some of the finest quiz masters of the country.

STaRT : Participation

STaRT would be conducted for the students of Class-VI to Class-XII of all boards and any medium in Indian Territory and for schools outside India that are affiliated to CBSE Only.

  • Class VI
  • Class VII
  • Class VIII
  • Class IX
  • Class X
  • Class-XI (Mathematics Stream)
  • Class-XI (Biology Stream)
  • Class-XII (Mathematics Stream)
  • Class-XII (Biology Stream)
STaRT : Benefits

  • Participation in a Talent Reward Exam being conducted by the most authentic institute in India
  • Test & assessment of academic proficiency at national level
  • Bench-marking of individual performance at State and National Level
  • Extension of Bench-marking by providing Reso Study center Rank & School Rank
  • Rewards & Recognition at national level
STaRT : 10 Commandments

Note: - If you are a school and want to participate in STaRT, Contact Mr Rajesh Malav @ 9352463374