• What is STaRT ?
  • Who can participante in STaRT ?
  • Benefits to the students
STaRT : Student Talent Reward Test

STaRT ( Student Talent Reward Test) is a knowledge and aptitude test to be conducted by Resonance in order to reach out, spot, reward & nurture talented students from across the country and aid them in fulfilling their career aspirations.

For an aspiring student, STaRT would provide national level benchmarking along with a real world feel of competitive spirit. It helps the student to showcase his/her talent at the national level which will boost his/her confidence to perform well in future competitive examinations & make way for a bright career ahead.

Every year STaRT filters the country’s best talent through rigorous testing and has set examples of transforming the top performers into IITians.

After conducting 7 successful versions of STaRT, STaRT welcomes all the students with a more refined structure and far more prizes than ever.

So STaRT now to explore, prove and reward your talent!

STaRT : Participation

STaRT would be conducted for the students of Class-VI to Class-XII of all boards and any medium in Indian Territory and for schools outside India that are affiliated to CBSE Only.

  • Class VI
  • Class VII
  • Class VIII
  • Class IX
  • Class X
  • Class-XI (Mathematics Stream)
  • Class-XI (Biology Stream)
  • Class-XII (Mathematics Stream)
  • Class-XII (Biology Stream)
STaRT : Benefits

  • Participation in a Talent Reward Exam being conducted by the most authentic institute in India
  • Test & assessment of academic proficiency at national level
  • Bench-marking of individual performance at State and National Level
  • Extension of Bench-marking by providing Reso Study center Rank & School Rank
  • Rewards & Recognition at national level